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At Little Green Frog our philosophy is simple: Be Nice!


Be Nice to our customers- We guarantee your satisfaction with our products and our service. Let us know if something is not up to your expectations, and we will make it that way. We stand behind our products and believe there is no more important business asset than a happy customer.


Be Nice to the Environment- We know there are other options out there, but caustic, chemical based drain cleaners and maintenance products leave their mark on everyone. EcoDrain provides the same effective results through natural processes with natural bio-based products. We also use soy based inks, recyclable containers and nontoxic glues in our labels.


Feel free to contact us at anytime 828-255-0772


About our Products
    • EPA and USDA approved

    • Non-toxic and non-caustic

    • Environmentally friendly

    • Safe for families and animals
  • Testimonials
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